Sitemap - 2023 - Ask Polly

'I Must Be God's Least Favorite Child!'

'I Never Visit My Parents and I Don't Want to Feel Guilty About It!'

'My Dad Died Unexpectedly And I Can't Get Over It!'

'Did My Ex Even Love Me?'

Passion Requires Slow Cultivation

‘Am I a Shrill, Controlling Harpy or Is My Best Friend a User?’

'I Feel Angry and Dissatisfied!'

'I Always Sabotage Everything!'

'I'm Worried That I'll End Up With a Perpetually Broke Failure Like My Dad!'

'Do I Have to Invite My Abusive Mother to My Wedding?'

Stop Calling Yourself a Narcissist!

'I Hate Myself and I'm Miserable Every Day!'

'Which of These Friends Needs the Boot?'

Lashing Out Hurts You the Most

'How Do I Get My Best Friend to Pay More Attention to Me?'

'I Can't Stop Picking Fights With My Amazing Boyfriend!'

'I'm a Baby Machete! Should I Confront My Butter Knife Parents?'

'We Had So Much Passion Together, but He Doesn't Want More!'

Love Means Encouraging Self-Trust

'I've Only Dated Jerks!'

'My Family Is in Crisis and My Boyfriend Disappeared!'

'Men My Age Don't Like Me!'

'What If I'm a Machete?'

Stay Open to Delight

'I'm Not Attracted to My Husband Anymore!'

Surrender to the Love Inside You

'My Boyfriend Is Abandoning Our Plans and I'm So Sad and Angry!'

‘How Do I Get Over Coming in Second Place?’

Shame is a Side Effect of Desire

'He Told Me I Was Too Much!'

Be Good to Your Spark

'How Do You Know When Your Art Is Good?'

Love Shouldn't Feel Bad

'My Husband Doesn't Understand a Word I Say!'

'Can I Claw Back What I've Lost?'

You Think You're Not That Ambitious. Are You Dead Wrong About That?

'My Best Friend's Partner Made Him Dump Me!'

'My Boyfriend is a Raging King Baby!'

Why It's the Hardest to Show Up For the People You Love the Most

'Everyone Thinks I'm Selfish, But I'm Just Trying to Be Understood!'

'I've Been Hung Up on Boys For Way Too Long!'

'Why Is This Fool My Home?'

'My Dead Father's Girlfriend Is Messing With Me!'

‘People Tell Me I Seem Like a Snob Whenever I’m Quiet!’

'I'm Unsure of Almost Everything!'

'I Avoid Conflicts Until I'm Furious and Then I Blow Up!'

Throw Someone a Pep Rally

'I Want to Fix My Marriage But I Am So Done!'

'I Don't Want My College Friends at My New Job!'

'I Don't Trust Anyone, So I Have Trouble Making New Friends!'

'I Was an Artistic Golden Boy But I Never Achieved My Dreams!'

Learning to Take Your Life Seriously

'I Know I Want to Write. What Do I Do Next?'

'My Best Friend Expects Too Much From Me!'

'I'm an Intern and I Can't Stop Crying!'

'I'm Bored and Dissatisfied and I Have No Idea What I Want From My Life!'


‘I Don’t Want to Go to My High School Reunion!’

People Aren't Problems to Solve

'I Have No Close Friends!'

'No One Wants to Stay with Me Because I Have an Alcoholic Mom!'

Closure Is Not Always Possible

'I'm Haunted by My Ex-Lover and Distant from My Husband!'

'I Never Cheated But My Wife Doesn't Trust Me!'

'My Husband Cheated and Lied. Now What?'

'I'm So Tired of This Self-Pity!'

'I'm Moving Away and It Scares Me to Death!'

Who Do You Love?

Accepting Differences

'My Ex is So Loving to Her New Man. I Feel Duped!'

'I'm Allergic to My Husband's Friends, and Now They Want to Move to Our Neighborhood!'

Mistakes Will Be Made

'I Don't Want to Marry You' Isn't an Insult

'Will I Ever Feel This Way Again?'

'I'm Sick of Being Called Smart And Never Sexy!'

Constantly Splitting Your Attention Makes You Anxious

'Emotionally Unavailable Men Are My Kink!'

'I Want to Be a Good Daughter But I'm Allergic to My Parents' Friends!'

'He Found His BDSM Fantasy and Left Me in the Dust!'

'I'm Tired of Hearing About His Feelings!'

'How Can I Stay with a Husband Who Likes to Keep Things Simple and Cheerful?'

'He Shared a Hotel with a Younger Woman!'

'No One Likes My Anxious, Intense Self. Shouldn't I Fake It Instead?'

'This Mom Friend Is The Worst!'

'How Can I Embrace Motherhood When I Feel Nothing Like Myself?'

'I Don't Want to End Up a Crazy Cat Parent!'

'My Parents Won't Let Me Move Away!'

Intimacy Starts When You Stop Trying to Fix Everything

'I Need More Recklessness in My Life!'

'He Ghosted Me After Two Years!'

'Everything I Do Has to Be Perfect!'

'I Need a True Friend!'

Mining The Ruins

Staying Open

'My Long-Distance Boyfriend Is Growing More Distant!'

What’s So Wrong with Obsession?

'My Married Friends Won't Shut Up About How Single I Am!'

Are You a Settler?

'I'm Returning to a Career I Hate!'

How Open-Hearted Can You Be and Still Survive?

'I'm Low-Maintenance and No One Loves Me!'

Insecurity Makes You Brittle

'He Insulted Me in a Break-Up Text!'

'Get My Mom Out of My Head!'

'I'm So Far Behind!'